Fanwood Democratic Committee

In 2023, all members of our Democratic Committee will be up for election in the June 6th primary. Below are the nominees. We urge our local Democrats to support this slate. These are your friends, neighbors and public servants who already do so much for our town!

Colleen Mahr, Chair

Colleen is Fanwood's current five-term mayor. A resident of North Avenue and mom to three sons—two in college, one in the SPF public school system--she works full time as Somerset County Administrator. She is an ardent supporter of her fellow Democrats in Fanwood and surrounding communities and is familiar to mayors across New Jersey from her time as President of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.


District 1

Gina Berry & Kathy Mitchell

District 2

Paul Marder & Trisha Walsh

District 3

Jill Jackson-Jones & Tom Kranz

District 4

Matt Glennon & Tanisha McGriff

District 5

John Celardo & Erin McElroy Barker

District 6

Neal Fitzsimmons & Colleen Mahr

District 7

Tom Plante & Pat Plante

Your Committee Serving Our Community