VOTE FOR TEAM MAHR on the June 4th primary ballot: Jeff Banks for Council; Kevin Boris for Council; Mayor Colleen Mahr for re-election to a fifth term; Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell for re-election to an seventh term

This is your local Democratic Committee, the people from your neighborhood who select the candidates to represent you at election time. These men and women are dedicated community leaders who believe that government starts on the street where you live. By voting for them on June 4th, you are keeping the promise of local representation in the hands of Fanwood leadership and out of the hands of County-wide politicians.

District 1

Kathy Mitchell & Bill Lee

District 2

Trisha Walsh & Steve Falco

District 3

Amy Boroff & Scott Sinclair

District 4

Adele Kenny & Matt Glennon

District 5

Erin McElroy Barker &

John Celardo

District 6

Colleen Mahr & Sal Fazzino

District 7

Pat Plante & Tom Plante

in the NJ Primary, June 4th! Everyone on this page needs  your vote. Don't stay at home!

Your Committee Candidates Serving Our Community